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LEGO Ninjago
LEGO Ninjago, one of my many, many things. Just ask me, whether that be OCs or existing characters. I can do head-shots, mid-body and full-body -- tell me specifically and we can go from there. Write me a comment or send me a note.

Have a great day :D
Rick Riordan's World
I can do artworks for Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Kane Chronicles, Magnus Chase and Trials of Apollo. I can do any artwork that belongs to Rick Riordan. I'm awesome that way. I can do head-shots, mid-body and full-body. You can clarify that to me -- just send write me a comment or send me a note and we can go from there.

Have a nice day ;p
Jacksepticeye, and Antisepticeye (And Other Youtubers)
You can ask me for any type of artwork related to Seán William McLoughlin. I accept any type of request, whether that be in the comments or just talking to me via notes.
I can do head-shots, mid-body and full-body -- you can clarify for me. Also, if you have a favourite Youtuber, ask me and I can draw them for you!

Have fun!

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Dying On My Knees by TheSeventhWheel7
Mature content
Dying On My Knees :icontheseventhwheel7:TheSeventhWheel7 0 0
Welp, We Tried
Welp, We Tried
A Jason Grace and Lloyd Garmadon cross-over
Jason, Arachne's Lair, Rome
After winning through hardships and tests, Annabeth has finally succeeded in the one thing that can unite the Greeks and Romans. Meanwhile, the rest of the
Argo II have managed to gain victory from defeating the giants opposing Dionysus. Together, along with the 'others', they have an extra cargo: the Athena Parthenos.
I had no mercy for anything that lived under the asphalt.
Honestly. (Besides Annabeth, because she was the reason why we blasted the asphalt in the first place).
The Argo II fired another ballista, sending a shockwave into the ground and causing it to crumble. Chunks the size of garage doors rained down into a small room made of entirely wood planks, marble tiles and silk. Unlucky for the Italians, some cars also fell into the gap, but we didn't care. Where the heck was Annabeth?
Standing amidst the chaos of snapping rock and falling debris was a gian
:icontheseventhwheel7:TheSeventhWheel7 3 0
Jacksepticeye Ego Theory by TheSeventhWheel7 Jacksepticeye Ego Theory :icontheseventhwheel7:TheSeventhWheel7 1 8 Kasai Hayabusa by TheSeventhWheel7 Kasai Hayabusa :icontheseventhwheel7:TheSeventhWheel7 3 6 Kasai Hayabusa - Comparison by TheSeventhWheel7 Kasai Hayabusa - Comparison :icontheseventhwheel7:TheSeventhWheel7 1 0
Heroes of Olympus - Truth or Dare: Prologue
Heroes of Olympus: Truth or Dare?

This part was written by Alex-Fierro17 (a.k.a. Me (a.k.a. TheSeventhWheel7))
A petrol bunk lay next to a highway in the dusty plains of Texas. Barely anyone came here, and the shopkeeper treated the customers that do arrive like precious stars – one moment, they were there, but the next they vanished.
The next customer to the bunk was a young woman in a sleek black Mercedes. She parked her car unevenly next to an air-refilling station and threw the door open. For her age, it looked as if she had lived a short life filled with only of terror. She slammed the car door shut and, without even checking if her car was locked, walked briskly to the bunk's shop.
The light of the sun seemed to be absorbed by her black jacket and tights, and she firmly kept the jacket's hood on her head. She swung the door open and rushed to the front counter.
The cashier looked at her. A simple woman, wearing a black jacket and tights –
:icontheseventhwheel7:TheSeventhWheel7 1 0
Heroes of Olympus - Truth or Dare: Authors' Note
Heroes of Olympus: Truth or Dare?
Authors' Note

Alex-Fierro17 has created a chatroom.
Alex-Fierro17 has joined the chatroom.

Alex-Fierro17: Hello fellow Heroes of Olympus fans...and other readers who just randomly wound up here. Today (and every other day) we'll be starting off with a crossover between Heroes of Olympus and the 2018 film 'Truth or Dare?' You may be asking, Who is we? Well, did I tell you that I'm collaborating with my best friend SkateStar13??
SkateStar13 has joined the chatroom.
SkateStar13: Yeah, hi guys.
Alex-Fierro17: As said, she is my best friend – and you better give her the love she deserves, or else... – anyway, we've created a devious plot for our heroes of the Prophecy of Seven...except, there will be some minor changes...
SkateStar13: Yup! Only a few, so you poor readers out there won't be pulling your hair out in dismay. So, 1) the demigods won't have any powers, and will remain as mere mortals, just to
:icontheseventhwheel7:TheSeventhWheel7 0 0
Heroes of Olympus: Truth or Dare? by TheSeventhWheel7 Heroes of Olympus: Truth or Dare? :icontheseventhwheel7:TheSeventhWheel7 2 0 Regret by TheSeventhWheel7 Regret :icontheseventhwheel7:TheSeventhWheel7 10 0 Silence is Golden by TheSeventhWheel7 Silence is Golden :icontheseventhwheel7:TheSeventhWheel7 3 0 Copy That, Copy Jack by TheSeventhWheel7 Copy That, Copy Jack :icontheseventhwheel7:TheSeventhWheel7 28 7
Heract Washington and the Hydra
Heract Washington and the Hydra
TheSeventhWheel7's First-Ever Fanfiction-thing
Hi people. This is sort of like a, I dunno, break sorta thing. Now, if you're wondering, "What sort of name is Heract?" I actually have no idea. This was done for, like, homework waaaay back in 2016, and I just did this for homework because I just started reading the Percy Jackson then. And I only finished the first book, and I told myself to wait until I finally began to read the Sea of Monsters, but noooooo – I just went ahead and did my first ever fanfiction: this thing.
I don't actually mind if you comment,
Ah, geez, that was a load of crap and whatnot – this was my first time ever writing about something that I dearly enjoyed, so I appreciate to see what I was like two years ago. Also, I'll just be butting in with little comments in bold, like this, so you readers will know that it is 2018 me, not 2016 me. Okay, cool. Happy reading!
:icontheseventhwheel7:TheSeventhWheel7 2 2
Built to Protect by TheSeventhWheel7 Built to Protect :icontheseventhwheel7:TheSeventhWheel7 15 26 Ninjago Redraw: Back Where It All Began (PROCESS) by TheSeventhWheel7 Ninjago Redraw: Back Where It All Began (PROCESS) :icontheseventhwheel7:TheSeventhWheel7 8 2 Ninjago: Pilot Poster - DRAFT by TheSeventhWheel7 Ninjago: Pilot Poster - DRAFT :icontheseventhwheel7:TheSeventhWheel7 9 12 Children of Loki by TheSeventhWheel7 Children of Loki :icontheseventhwheel7:TheSeventhWheel7 6 5


Banana by maskman626 Banana :iconmaskman626:maskman626 974 97 Spoiler Alert by Jdailey1991
Mature content
Spoiler Alert :iconjdailey1991:Jdailey1991 13 7
I miss you by Alexgv-art I miss you :iconalexgv-art:Alexgv-art 188 42 When we were twelve by Alexgv-art When we were twelve :iconalexgv-art:Alexgv-art 92 15 Wise Girl by Alexgv-art Wise Girl :iconalexgv-art:Alexgv-art 122 22 gaia by clockbirds gaia :iconclockbirds:clockbirds 1,460 31 Alex Fierro, Age 14 by sketchcalamity Alex Fierro, Age 14 :iconsketchcalamity:sketchcalamity 4 1 Needed by maskman626 Needed :iconmaskman626:maskman626 2,317 124 Let me love yous plz by AddMedia Let me love yous plz :iconaddmedia:AddMedia 1,097 273 Fliptableplz by TooneGeminiElf Fliptableplz :icontoonegeminielf:TooneGeminiElf 924 462 19M subs! by KaiMidnightwave 19M subs! :iconkaimidnightwave:KaiMidnightwave 94 10 19.. by KaiMidnightwave 19.. :iconkaimidnightwave:KaiMidnightwave 88 4 Anti GIF by JaywasaBlindPir8 Anti GIF :iconjaywasablindpir8:JaywasaBlindPir8 21 7 zuko by viria13 zuko :iconviria13:viria13 3,205 227 every silence scream we make by viria13 every silence scream we make :iconviria13:viria13 8,072 1,248 The showdown that was always meant to be. by viria13 The showdown that was always meant to be. :iconviria13:viria13 9,388 418

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I just wanted to increase my level from "Broke" to "Standard Level" and get Llama badges for all you guys! It is just a random amount of points, but it should be enough for now.

Thanks, you guys!

EDIT: I also just realised that I need 1200 points just for a three-month CORE Membership....¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Alex "Leo" Fierro-Valdez
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
I am TheSeventhWheel7, your local/global/universal artist drawing Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Magnus Chase, Ninjago, and Jacksepticeye artwork. Did I mention I was sarcastic? Yeah, that's what I'm like -- sarcastic. Anyhow, have fun looking through my art!

In the mean time,
*puts on Kai/Vincent Tong's voice*
Gotta go. This is a job for the Ninja! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


(prof pic: acknowledgments go to Rick Riordan, the Lord of Sass)
Link to video:…
(icon pic: acknowledgments go to viria13 :iconviria13:)

Contact me at:


Mature Content

Dying On My Knees

If I was dying on my knees

You would be the one to rescue me
And if you were drowned at sea
I'd give you my lungs so you could breathe
                                                      ~Brother, Kodaline
We promised that we'd never part
On a tree, under the stars
We carved our names into the bark
To be there when we're not
~Follow Your Fire, Kodaline

....I'm sad. Why? He was part of my OTPs, but they break apart, and then he dies too....dang you, Rick...the feels man..
I swear, I'm gonna get my hands around Caligula's skinny neck and just squeeze....squeeze the wretched life out of him, the bastard..

RIP, Jason Grace, Son of Jupiter, ex-Praetor of Camp Jupiter
Lo and behold, this palmy arrow from the Groves of Dodona hath mine heart rate rising. Is't just me, or am I did attract to this babbling arrow who accompanies Lord Apollo Lester Papadopoulos on his quests to endue back the bodement-speaking Oracles?

Just me? Okay... 
Welp, We Tried
A Jason Grace and Lloyd Garmadon cross-over

Jason, Arachne's Lair, Rome

After winning through hardships and tests, Annabeth has finally succeeded in the one thing that can unite the Greeks and Romans. Meanwhile, the rest of the
Argo II have managed to gain victory from defeating the giants opposing Dionysus. Together, along with the 'others', they have an extra cargo: the Athena Parthenos.

I had no mercy for anything that lived under the asphalt.

Honestly. (Besides Annabeth, because she was the reason why we blasted the asphalt in the first place).

The Argo II fired another ballista, sending a shockwave into the ground and causing it to crumble. Chunks the size of garage doors rained down into a small room made of entirely wood planks, marble tiles and silk. Unlucky for the Italians, some cars also fell into the gap, but we didn't care. Where the heck was Annabeth?

Standing amidst the chaos of snapping rock and falling debris was a giant statue of gold and ivory. The face of an eternally young woman appeared in my vision. The figure wore a beautiful gold toga and was holding a life-size figure of the goddess Nike in one hand and a shield in the other. There it was: the Athena Parthenos.

Percy leapt from the control room where Leo was and leaned over the railing.

I shouted at him, 'Mind your head!'

Of course, the guy wasn't listening as he found something of much more interest. He hollered above the noise, 'Annabeth!'

I followed Percy's gaze, and there she was: she looked horrible, cut and bruised, and covered with the same silky stuff. Next to her was a gaping hole in the floor, and even in broad daylight and the fact that we were directly over it, I couldn't see anything beyond it – eternal darkness.

Aside from that, another sight caught me off guard. Next to Annabeth were four other teenagers, all guys. Each was wearing a different colour: one wore red, another blue, one wore white, and the other black. I had a sudden thought if they were our enemy too, but seeing their aghast faces told me otherwise. The one wearing black appeared to be clutching some sort of bundle.

Percy called out again. Annabeth then looked up, hearing Percy's voice, and she squeaked, 'Here!'

I signalled to Leo, who immediately began to descend the Argo II. Once we were close enough, Percy unrolled the rope ladder and climbed down, stretching out his arm. Annabeth crept forward, the other four guys doing the same. Then she turned and stared at the gaping hole next to them. Percy eventually hopped off and embraced Annabeth.

Leo halted the Argo II, and I and the rest of the crew followed suit. Once we made a circle around her, Piper then said, 'Your leg. Oh, Annabeth, what happened?'

Annabeth began to explain with vague gestures; her tests, the weaving, even meeting the mistress of weaving, Arachne herself. When she finished, I was sure everyone was completely dumbfounded.

'Gods of Olympus,' I said, trying to pick up my metaphorically floor-dropped jaw. 'You did that all alone. With a broken ankle.'

Annabeth smiled sheepishly. 'Well, two things. One, my ankle wasn't broken for the whole thing. And two, I didn't do it alone. Well, I had some minor assistance.' Here, she gestured to the four guys standing in the background.

Now that we were up close and personal, I made small notes about each one: the guy in red had wild and unkept hair, a bandage above his left eyebrow and a scar running from his eyebrow to his cheekbone on the left side of his face. Gold eyes blinked, and I questioned whether he was an eidolon under disguise. However, his gaze was more warm than cold, so I assumed it was okay. I assumed, note that word, okay everyone? Swords were strapped to his back.

The one wearing blue was – surprise, surprise – more like Leo's twin. He had a grey belt with pouches around him like a sash, and he had mop of curly brown hair, baby-blue eyes and freckles across his cheeks. I could tell he and Leo had already bonded because they kept pointing at various parts of each other (say, the toolbelt, the hair, etc., etc.). Nunchucks or something of that sort were hooked at his waist.

The guy wearing white seemed like an automaton. I mean, sure, he looked just like a human, except for his unnaturally bright blue eyes and stark-white flattop. He also just gave off a vibe that said, I'M NOT HUMAN. MAKE FUN OF ME AND YOU WON'T HEAR THE END OF YOUR OBITUARY. Plus, I was pretty sure people didn't have a silver undercoat if they ever got scratched. On his back was an empty quiver and a bow.

The last teenager wearing black was the buffest of them all...and when I mean 'buff', I mean even buffer than Frank. A mop of black hair and caramel eyes were his stand-out features. Strapped to his back was an XXL hammer. He was also the one holding that bundle. But now that I was closer, I saw it resembled to that of a toddler...

The teenager in white raised his gloved hand and said, 'Hello, fellow others.'

Hazel waved back.

'Guys, I know it's weird, but I found them on my way to the Athena Parthenos,' Annabeth said.

'And how, exactly?' Nico di Angelo demanded. Yikes, forgot he was there. Seriously, the guy needed to participate in simple conversation more often.

'They were trying to save someone from their group—' Annabeth started, before the red-clad figure stopped her.

'No, no, they don't need to know,' he said gruffly. 'Our mission, our fight.'

'Kai,' the teenager in blue whined. 'That's isn't nice. Annabeth's helped us a lot, and I'm guessing they're her friends. And we all know this in only a couple of hours!' He turned to Leo and said, 'You know, she and Zane over there are like Wikipedia smooshed with every single book in the world.'

'I know!' Leo said. 'Although, even she sometimes can't understand me.' Leo winked at Annabeth, and she rolled her eyes like, I just came back and barely survived, and here you are making jokes about me.

'Same here,' said the blue-clad boy. He and Leo high-fived.

I rolled my eyes and shook hand with each of them. 'I'm sorry if Leo over there can be over-exaggerative—'

'Hey! I can hear you!'

'—and I suppose it wouldn't hurt if we got a formal introduction?'

The four thought about it, then the black-clothed teenager said, 'I'm Cole. Over there is Kai, Jay, and Zane.' Jay waved enthusiastically, Kai merely shook his hand, and Zane did a full-on bow. He was the formal one, I thought.

'And did Annabeth tell you who we are?' Percy asked.

'She only mentioned names, no more than that,' said the guy called Zane.

'Well, then, I guess I'll take it from here,' Percy said. 'I'm Percy, her boyfriend. There's Jason, Piper, Frank, Hazel, Nico and—'

'No, wait!' a voice cried.

Leo snorted. 'I'm pretty sure my name isn't "No Wait".'

'Indeed it isn't, jester,' another voice sneered.

Leo frowned. 'Now that isn't my name, either.'

Kai frowned as well. 'I know those voices.'

Everyone looked up. Standing on the stern of the Argo II were two people...actually, one of them was standing on the Argo II, and they were holding the other person by the throat.

'Lloyd!' Cole yelled. 'Lloyd' struggled with his captor, trying to rip the hands of whoever was holding him by the throat. He was wearing a green outfit tied together with a gold belt. Dark grey eyes bugged out at us, his wavy locks of pale blonde hair moving slightly with his struggles.

But even to me, a demigod, son of the King of the Universe Jupiter, I knew he wasn't going anywhere. His captor seemed to be made of grey stone – stone armour, stone shoulder spikes, heck, even his clothes were stone. On his face was a hideous purple mask that had black hair sprouting from the top in pigtails.

Kai immediately drew his swords. 'You,' he hissed.

The captor giggled. 'Haha, yes, it is me,' he said in deep, demonic voice. He raised Lloyd higher. 'But what's the point in fighting me when you already know I'm invincible?'

Piper moved closer to me. 'Jason, who is he? What's he talking about? He doesn't seem like a monster...'

'No,' I agreed. 'In fact, I don't even think it's a guy...'

Lloyd squeaked, 'Harumi, I know you. Deep down, you really just want a family. I can give you one.'

My suspicions were confirmed as Harumi tutted at Lloyd. 'Oh, Lloyd, how naive you can sometimes be. I already have a family. Your father is all I need.' Then she turned her head towards the rest of us below. 'As for them,' she said in distaste, 'I have no idea how you managed to befriend them.'

My eyes widened as Harumi kicked at a piece of rubble, sending it knocking against the side of the Athena Parthenos. The statue shifted, and the whole room shuddered.

I looked at the four teenagers whom I just met. 'I'm thinking this was not exactly how your plan was supposed to go?'

Kai smirked slightly, despite the tremor we were experiencing. 'Yeah. It was so totally not how I imagined it in my head.'

Lloyd, Arachne's Lair, Rome

Lord Garmadon has been revived, only stronger than ever. With the power of Destruction, he managed to unlock his True Potential by snapping the one person standing in his way: his son, Lloyd. Now with him trying to take over the world, his angel Harumi plots to hunt down and destroy the Ninja once and for all, and to collect the prize – only, they slipped into another realm.

I had no idea what to do. Harumi kicked at the statue, which was now causing everything below to crumble even more. Unless it was some cartoon, where the hero would magically get his powers back, my luck was way beyond the Cursed Realm.

I struggled even harder. 'Let me go, Harumi!' I bellowed.

My answer was a tighter grip around my throat as Harumi pulled me closer and whispered in my ear, 'Sweet Lloyd. You know if I let you go, you'll eventually keep my eyes off the prize.'

I stopped. 'What prize?' I managed without sounding like a dying goose.

Even with the Mask of Hatred on her face, I could feel Harumi smiling. 'Pity you don't know.' Then she slammed me into the deck of the ship we were standing on. A ringing filled my ears, and my whole face felt hot and cold at the same time. A sharp pain stabbed at the front of my face, leaving me questioning whether my nose was broken.

From somewhere below, I heard someone call out, 'Secure it!'

Another voice called out, 'Zhang! Get me to the helm, quick! The coach is up there alone.'

'Oh, the rusting man?' Harumi called out. I tried to crawl away from her, but she flipped me and planted her stoned foot atop my chest with a dim thunk! 'I believe he has minor injuries.'

'You hurt the coach?' a third voice yelled. 'That's it!'

I weakly opened my eyes, staring at Harumi. Only weeks ago, she seemed so innocent. I look at her now and see nothing more but a cold-blooded shell...

...How could I have ever fallen for her?

A voice muttered, 'Surprise.'

Harumi turned, and shrieked as a large hammer slammed into her side, knocking her to the far side of the ship we were on. My eyes snapped open again, and I saw a curly haired figure standing over me.

At first, I thought it was Jay, because his smile was so obnoxious I wanted to rip it off his face and remind him of our situation.

Then I was proven wrong. The kid helped me, and I realised he wasn't at all Jay; sure, he had the curly and spark of humour in his eyes, but this guy wore an orange shirt, his pants pulled up to his waist thanks to some suspenders. Around his hips was a gold toolbelt, looking empty. Why have a toolbelt when it's empty?

'Hey, man,' the guy said in a light-hearted tone. He clapped me on the shoulder. 'What a way to crash the party.' Then he ran off to what appeared to be the bridge of the ship and pulled out a Wii control. Just then, I saw a flash of blonde and mahogany shoot up from the ground.

Huh? I thought. Then I turned a saw Harumi stalking towards me, strands of her stark-white hair escaping the cover of her mask. I could tell she was angry as hell.

'I still cannot believe how you've managed to go through all of this,' Harumi said, her voice deep as the Mask of Hatred had lowered her voice into a demonic tone. 'But, whatever the matter – I'd like to see you suffer more.'

From behind her back, she pulled out a dagger.

Thinking quickly, I picked up a stray metal pole just as something from the side of the ship went fwoosh! Grappling hooks shot forth and wrapped themselves around the giant statue I saw earlier. One entwined itself around the statue's neck like noose.

From below, an eagle and a guy tried to secure the ropes – I recognised the blonde-haired one as the guy I saw earlier, and just made the connection that he could fly. The pair frantically flew around the statue, tying the ropes together.

I deflected a blow of Harumi's knife, which subsequently caused the blonde haired to look up. He glanced at me trying to defend myself, and shouted at the eagle. My mind struggled with that. Why would you yell at an eagle? But then again, Zane's Falcon was actually a robot, so I couldn't blame him on anything.

The guy soared up from the statue like a blonde Peter Man. He flicked something from his wrist and a javelin appeared in his grip. He raised the golden weapon to the sky, and the clouds darkened.

Thunder rumbled. I heard Jay from down below yell, 'Hey, that's my thing!'

My hairs stood on end as lightning flashed onto the guy's javelin. He took aim and released the electricity and sent it striking at Harumi's back. Ozone crackled in the air. Harumi roared, giving me a second and I stabbed the pole at her abdomen. Instead of her actually getting stabbed, she was shoved a few metres back.

Blonde Peter Man frowned. 'Wait, how is she—'

Harumi laughed, straightening herself. 'Dear one, I'm wearing the Mask of Hatred. With this, I get to taste what everyone wishes for – invincibility. Sadly, you won't be going far.'

Again, the guy shot another beam of lightning at Harumi. From below, I heard people cry out. The statue suddenly shifted, and the ship jolted forward. The kid at the helm frantically pressed buttons and he moved to the wheel, flicking it around.

'Her ankle!' a girl cried from below. 'Cut it! Cut it!'

What? Cut her ankle?

That seemed ridiculous, but then everything flipped like the ship's wheel.

Harumi hobbled over into the bridge and yanked something out of the controls – a bunch of wires and gears.

The ship shuddered. I swear the ship was slowly descending without anyone telling it to.

The kid steering was absolutely horrified. 'Hey! Give that back, you walking pile of—' Whatever he was going to say was cut off as Harumi landed a solid punch in the kid's jaw. Said kid tumbled back, unconscious, blood trickling from his mouth.

'That's what you get for hammering a girl,' Harumi grumbled. Then she turned to the flying guy, crumpled the metal and threw it at him. I would have deflected the metal, but with my powers gone...what use was I to my friends? Or sudden allies?

Peter Pan knocked the metal of the sky with his javelin, then flew downward. I caught him yelling 'You don't do that to my friends or my ship!' as he held the javelin in front of him, pinning Harumi to the wall.

Harumi shrieked, 'The child is mine!'

The child? I thought numbly. Then I made the connection. Oh gods. The child. She meant the little baby Wu in Cole's arms. But why would she need him? Why would she want a baby? Sure, Harumi used some of his hair to bring back my father, but why?

Harumi growled under Peter Pan's grip, and she threw her dagger at me. I barely caught it or deflected it, and cried out in pain when I saw the knifer dig into my arm. I stumbled over the side of the ship, Peter Man shouting, 'Kid!'

At the last second, I caught hold of a small piece of wood that jutted out of the hull of the ship. My injured arm dropped my makeshift-weaponised pole as I stared in horror at the scene unfolding below me.

Kai, Zane and Cole were tugging at the arms of Jay and two other people I didn't recognise. A girl with a bush of caramel hair and chocolate-coloured skin was trying to unravel her sword from the rope ladder, and a scrawny kid with black hair and a pale complexion hurried over to my friends.

Briefly I wondered why.

Then I found out why.

The two people I didn't know and Jay were dangling at the edge of a massive pit. Kai, Zane and Cole were desperately trying to pull them back, but from where I was dangling aboard the ship, I knew that they couldn', but that means—

'The other side, Nico! We'll see you there. Understand?' said the guy next to Jay.

The pale boy was about to same something, but the ground shifted. More of the floor caved in, but only the pale kid I identified as 'Nico' managed to stumble back. He leapt onto the foot of the statue, and the rest of the floor gave way.

Everyone else tumbled into the mouth of the pit.

I hollered, 'NO!'

From above, Peter Man yelled, 'NO!'

Harumi also shrieked, 'NO!'

I knew we were yelling for different things, but it all happened so quickly; my friends...little Wu...even the two people I never caught the names of.

The ship halted in mid-air as the tiled floor slowly crumbled into the pit. Eventually, the whole building caved in, blocking the mouth of the pit. No way in or out.

From the rope ladder, the girl with golden curls hauled me onto the ladder and shouted encouraging words to me. But the only thought crossing my mind in that moment was: It's over.

No, I told myself firmly. It's not over. This wasn't the end, but only a new beginning. I accepted the girl's help and unsteadily climbed up the ladder. Up on the deck of the ship, I heard Harumi growling like a feral animal, and the blonde-haired guy squaring off with her, javelin ready.

I hoarsely called out to him, 'You can't win against her! She's invincible.'

Peter Pan smirked. 'Who said I'll be winning?' he asked.
Welp, We Tried
Ya'know, this week is my half-yearly exam week, so with all the godly amount of torture and stress I'm about to endure, I'm sure it's fine if I just give this to you wonderful readers. This took 3131 words, basically taking up seven pages in my Word document *le gasp*.

Also, PJO and HoO fans, I've finally. Got. My hands. On. The 'Trials of Apollo #3: The Burning Maze' PDF. Oh mah gash, I don't know what to do, I already, like, read the first nineteen chapters. In one day. Kill me now, I don't know what to do T^T. And, god help us all, there are just SO many things, I don't how I can keep these spoilers bottled up. TT^TT.
Cannotevenplz<<wut is mah life?? 

Wattpad: Welp, We Tried
heh, hey, im trying to study for my half-yearly, and yet i'm writing crossovers...welp, i tried
Guys (well, Jacksepticeye fans anyway). If you are NOT a Jack-fan, just click this notif off -- don't wanna spoil your day! If you're also a theorist who doesn't want to spoil themselves, I suggest you leave too.

Everyone who wants to be gone gǫ̕ne? Yeah? Okay, let's get into the good stuff (maybe??) Something is stirring up lately. I'm sure you've watched some of Jack's latest videos, correct?
i don't watch all of his videos (kill me) but I just love it when he plays horror/actiony games, but whatevs

Anyway, to cut to the CHA̸̧SE: he isn't doing his outros properly (or at a regular pace anymore). We're seeing Jack, but is it really him? Is it really the Green Bean that we see popping up in the face cam everyday? 

And what about that video he posted a while ago? How about...'The Doctor is Back'? Firstly, we know that Jack never says 'Dr. Jacksepticeye'. And that outro -- Dr. Schneep has finally appeared on-screen (probably because Jack was silly enough to label himself as 'do͜c͘t̛o͢r').

But ever since Schneep appeared, Jack's been playing more darker games, more horror, more out-of-place jigsaw pieces. And then he started playing 'Stories Untold', where time and time again he never gets to finish his outro. And there are more creepier endings, now. [SPOILERS] Take his newest video, where everyone's favourite badass ego appears, albeit quite unexpectedly so soon.

This is where my "theory" kicks in.

In the third episode of 'Stories Untold', at the end, while Jack is just talking about how intrigued he is by the game, you can hear faint whispers saying 'Pick a side...Pick a side..' (tbh, I just wanted to know what the goddamn sounds were, and I found a video [linked below] that explained the whispers) just before the screen cuts to black. Then Chase Brody's voice pops up and says that Jack needs to wake up. Also, at the end of the video, Morse code is played.

In the final episode of 'Stories Untold', the ending shows Jack curled up in bed, obviously in some sort of deep sleep. Whispers -- 'Pick a side...Pick a side...' Then Jack wakes up, then says out loud, 'I remember what he did to me.'

Later on, he uploaded the video 'Barry has a Secret'. And did you hear what he said at the end? "I like to keep a limp hand around, so I can just, like, every now and then, I could just be like 'Hey! High-five!' " He then continues that he has nothing to hide, but when the screen starts to fade out, he yells -- as if he was actually talking to someone. Then we see Jack walking into what seems to be his kitchen, opens a cupboard and pulls out a hand, with the screen glitching twice. Then we hear a soft voice -- 'Hey, what are you do͜i̶n͟g?' -- and then 'Jack' appears, telling whoever found the hand w̵ásn̨'t̶ ͘s͢up̶po̵sȩd̸ ͘t͏o şee it. Video ends.

A few videos after, Jack plays the game 'Try Not to Fall Asleep!', where he basically has to sleep before 4am without getting stressed. He does so, and wakes up, marveling at how the night was only just a dream. He admits he is fine, but is soon then 'hij҉ack
҉ed', I guess. Video ends.

Jack then plays 'TIE', a game about depression. He then talks about issues about depression, anxiety -- and this is why we love Jack -- and towards the 11 minute mark, he openly admits that one his friends is in a coma. Nearing the end, 'Jack' goes on that everything is the same, and that he wanted things to go back the way they were, and the people in his life. Then a flashback occurs, where 'Jack' is mourning over a loss. He places a photo face down, and puts a cap on top of it.

After that, he plays 'Dark Silence', which is the game I mentioned earlier. 'Jack''s about to finish the game when the protagonist of the game ends up being stalked, and the lights shut off, throwing the screen into darkness, including 'Jack''s face cam. Then we see 'Jack' desperately trying to bring a lighter to life. He walks around his house -- the sound of children laughing, screaming and crying can be heard -- until he rounds a corner and sees a figure standing in a doorway. 'Jack''s voice is muffled as he yells at the figure, 'Where are they?! What do you want from me?!' The figure moves rushes forward, and the video ends.

Then the video he just uploaded today (or wherever, but whatevs) called 'SPANKED BY THE TEACHER', and he's just running around trying to avoid the teacher. But in the end (towards the end of the video), he gets caught, and he screams as the screen cuts to black. Then Jack appears, seeming to be writing something frantically. Then the sound of a ruler-type stick hitting against the palm of a hand is heard, and Jack repeatedly says he had been a good boy, before again screaming. Video ends.

17/5/2018 EDIT: Today he plays 'Exiles', and he misses his intro as he seems to arrive 'late in a rush', I guess. Through the whole beginning of the game, he seemed unsure as to how he got there, but he soon got involved. At the end he says, "As Anti-climatic as it was..." blah blah blah (I want pizza). As he still gives positive feedback about the game, he stops mid-speech, and blood starts flowing from his eyes. In the background, the whispers say, 'It's all his fault...It's all his fault...' The video ends, with one change being the Sam outro, where everything is tinged with red and is played in reverse.

17/5/2018 2nd EDIT: I also just realised that this video ('Exiles') is actually a sequel to 'Dark Silence'. Remember how Jack was thrown into darkness after the game ended? (Forget all about the other 'Jack' that we see, forget about him for now). When, today, he played 'Exiles', there was that lag before Jack popped up on screen. I'm thinking that he somehow got teleported, and that the other 'Jack' was actually looking for him...oh wow.

17/5/2018 3rd EDIT (so many goddamn edits):
This image....just opens another new door:
Jacksepticeye Ego Theory by TheSeventhWheel7

And all of this happens after Dr. Schneep's appearance.

A small note: he's been wearing a black shirt for three videos in a row now (WATCH THIS WITH THE LIGHTS OFF | Stories Untold - Part 1; Barry Has A Secret; THEY ARE LISTENING | Stories Untold - Part 2) and he wears black in every game with a sort of extreme genre or emotion, like depression, or horror games -- don't know if that is something worth counting, but it is a small side note.

My theory: Following the doctor's appearance, Jack is, or was, sent into a coma (Try Not To Fall Asleep!) after Antisepticeye had tortured him countless times (SPANKED BY THE TEACHER | Baldi's Basics). To maintain the channel,  Chase Brody takes Sean's spot and continues to make videos, while also admitting that his friend was in a coma (TIE - A Game About Depression); I am assuming that this 'friend' is Jack, because [continue reading]. I also think the reason why Chase was playing a game about depression was because he had just lost his family...or because he was going insane, and finding random human body parts, which probably meant his cut-up wife (Barry Has A Secret). He continues the Jacksepticeye channel while also looking for the other egos (I put this idea here because in one of Jack's Instagram photos, Marvin the Magician's mask peeks through the edge of the photo, so it obviously means that something is going on). Knowing where Jack is (presumably by his side), Chase tries to help the former (Jack) to regain his consciousness (THEY'RE HERE! | Stories Untold - Part 3) [as mentioned above where Chase admits that one of his friends was in a coma]. A few times, Jack has managed to bring himself into consciousness (THER'RE HERE! | Stories Untold - Part 3), where his conscious takes form of the Morse code at the end of the video (which translates to 'Where am I?') before again slipping back into his coma. Days later, however, feeling an unnatural disturbance in his house, Chase ends up walking straight into a trap and finds Antise̴͞pticye͜ (Dark Silence); Chase questions the whereabouts of the other egos, which ultimately leads to his "capture" too. Finally, Jack wakes from his coma (IT WAS ALL CONNECTED! | Stories Untold - Part 4) and realises what has been happening, and finally remembering what Anti had done to him: Jack was supposedly tortured by Anti (SPANKED BY THE TEACHER | Baldi's Basics) before being sent into a coma (meaning the torture itself placed him in the unconscious state).

More information is found in this video: [Jacksepticeye Theory] My Theory On What's Been Happening, Schneep's return, etc.

As I said, this is all just a theory -- only Jack has the key to unlock the mystery and save the other egos from the playful tortures of the Glitch Bi̷̸̢͡tch. So, I guess we just have to wait until next Halloween -- it is the day, after all, when Anti finally got a grip on our world.

So anyways, thank you guys so much for reading this journal, and if you liked it, PUNCH that favourite button in the face, LIKE A BO̵̕SS! And, high-fives all 'round. *Wapoosh! Wapoosh!* And thank you guys and I will see all you the next deviation!
(oh, and also, I might do a Ja̶͟ck artwork, but, who knows, A͟͡nt̸̡͟ì͟ might be f̢u͞͏c͟͝҉-lur-king in my account somewhere...)
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